Friday, August 1, 2008

Quick Update

No huge news by any other standard than "it makes a difference in Haley's life"...

-Stove is installed in the kitchen. Last night, we had our first hot, homecooked meal in three weeks. It was just a baked pasta dish, but it had meat, and cheese, and it was COOKED! It was more delicious than I could have dreamed.
-Pixie got her first bath. I tossed her in the Jacuzzi tub (no jets, though), and scrubbed her down with some nice puppy shampoo. She did NOT like it, though she didn't fight it either. She just stood there with her chin on the lip of the tub, looking like a drowned rat. And then she came downstairs all prancy and got into it with her brother, who has the patience of a saint, I tell you. She's feeling very proud of her good-smelling, silky-haired self.
-Made an appointment for Yogi at the groomer tomorrow. This will not be a regular thing. In efforts to cut back, I'm forgoing a haircut for myself. So this will be a one-time clean up for the Yogster, where I anticipate he will loose about 15 pounds worth of hair. He'll be much more comfortable, too. We're just waiting for his records to show up, because we need to prove he's had his shots. Keep your fingers crossed.

And that's it. Eric and I were commenting yesterday in the car (which is pretty much the only place we're alone anymore) that the doggies are quite consuming. We like it, but I suppose at some point we're going to have to shift the focus from them back to the whole point of our being here, which is that darn house. Tomorrow, after grooming appointment and dog park trip, I WILL prime and paint my bookshelves. I will!

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