Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good afternoon. Eric is out biking, Harper is fast asleep on my lap, and the puppies are off doing something that hopefully doesn't spread hair all over the carpet. It's been a long time, mainly because times like this are so few and far between.

Things are good, both on the baby- and house-fronts. Harp is doing wonderfully. Getting huge, and for two of the last three nights, she's slept through the night. Amazing. I am happy she's getting big, but kind of miss those days when she was so tiny. Anyway, we're treasuring these times.

House-wise, we've finished very little. We painted the back hallway, and have planned to hang some pictures, but haven't gotten around to it. Eric built and installed a shelf above the dormer window in the attic, so the books that are currently on the floor will have a home. The shelf is up but isn't painted, so the books remain on the floor.

One big project we finished... We finally FINALLY took down the disgusting fence in front of the house. Our yard still looks like crap (though our phlox are coming up very nicely), but without the fence, it just looks SO much better. Our plan is to do some more planting within the next couple weeks, and get some nice patio furniture, as spring is here and the porch parties will begin, and we'd like to have people over. Or even if we don't have people over, at least have the option to.

Before next late-fall, we have several major projects to finish... First, we're going to move the back door from the current kitchen into the nook between the kitchen and dining room. Eric found a wood exterior door with frosted glass, which would pretty much be perfect, as we want the light, but don't want folks from the houses behind us, or walking in the alley, to be able to see in. It was on craigslist, too, so less expensive than usual. Hope we get it. Eric is going to finally finish the deck, which is only unfinished because he decided to do such a detailed design on the railings. We also need to get a new furnace, as the current furnace is less efficient than we would like, and is venting into our chimney, which, come to find out, isn't lined. So on really cold days, it's creating condensation, which is hurting the brick and the drywall... Which means we have to replace the drywall/plaster in the living room. Ugh!!! But it needs to get done, so we'll get it done.

Pictures will follow. :)