Friday, July 16, 2010

Once a month...

I never really noticed, but some friends (who actually read my blog, which blew me away) mentioned that I've been posting once a month. And that maybe I could do a little better. Verbal Diarrhea, I'm not promising anything, but I'm going to try.

Things are good here. I am, unbelievably, about a month into my new job, and I like it a little more every day, which I think is a good sign. I am very much in "invention mode" right now--lots of feeling inspired and jotting of good ideas down on scraps of paper, which I then find a couple days later, can't read because of my chicken scratching, and if I can decipher what I wrote, I can't figure out what I meant... But oh well. The nice thing about the current gig is that I'm starting something from scratch, so at this point, there is no chance of failure, and there's plenty of room for me to be abstract and non-sequential (an old boss called me this on many occasions--I'm still not sure if he meant it in a good way).

While I'm liking my new job, it has been WAY difficult leaving my old one. I knew it would be hard, of course, as I loved my old job, and especially loved my old boss, who is just an exceptional person. It's been tough being out of the loop. Actually, I've been somewhat engaged, because my replacement hasn't started yet and I left in the middle of about 2 dozen projects, and that may be even harder, because I know just a little about what's going on, just enough to tantalize me. There was a meeting with my old boss in my new office the other day. I went so far as to go to the conference room to say hi before it started, and then I left, but inside I was just dying to stay. Sigh. These are the problems I'm glad I have, though.

Harpster continues to be the world's most delightful baby. She's pushing herself up on her hands, and sticking her butt up in the air, and she's not aware that if she does both of these things at the same time, she's crawling. We're not pushing her in this direction, as we still have major babyproofing to do. She is taking to baby food pretty well, especially in the last couple days when she down some peas and sweet potatoes in no time flat. It's made diaper time more interesting and dangerous, but that's just my girl growing up.

I am disappointed to report that Harper was not voted as a finalist in the cutest baby contest. I have to believe that this was because many of the other babies who are cute, but not as cute as Harper, had organized voting blocs.

Eric is still working on the deck as his central house project. Yes, this is the same deck we've been working on since spring 2009. It is making me crazy.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cutest baby

I know it's totally lame, but I couldn't help myself. I entered Harper's picture into a cutest baby contest.

If you, too, think the Harpster is worthy of the title please vote here: