Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I can't even think of a title for this post. Probably something like "Holy S***" or the like would be most appropriate, but this is a family show, so I'll just leave it blank. Life has changed tremendously, and while we have a long list of house projects that are worthy of house-blogging, they're on hold for the time being.

Harper came home a week ago after two long months in the NICU. Looking back at those 2 months, they felt SO LONG. Like 2 years. The driving back and forth between home and the Women's Hospital was a major contributing factor. We were lucky in that we actually live in the same city as the hospital--lots of people live hours away. But still. Jeez. My car was driving that route on its own by the end. Anyway, the NICU was not a delightful place, but the care Harper received there was just fantastic. Nurses are freaking saints, I tell you.

Since coming home, the Harpster has been doing pretty well. She's gained 12 ounces in the last week, staying true to her "big boned" Glover and Matson genes. She's very nearly 6 pounds now, and 19.25 inches tall. Her official due date is on the 29th, so she's still supposed to be on the inside. At this point, with the way she squirms, I'm very happy to have her on the outside.

Today, she had her first shots, and clearly, this has inspired her to "find her voice." She hasn't been much of a crier, but since getting home, she's cried A LOT. Poor little baby--those needles must've bruised her.

In house news, we're barely keeping ahead of the dog-hair tumbleweeds and the multiplying dishes, but we've turned up the heat, and I'm happy to report that indeed it is possible for this house to be, and stay, warm. It was just my miserly ways that kept us bundled up last winter. That said, I would be very happy if it would warm the hell up. I live in Indiana, not Alaska.

Mom and dad came down for the week and while they don't think they were much help, we really miss them. They were crazy helpful, and just having Grandma and Grandpa around was calming for all of us. The jury is still out on what we'll actually call Grandpa Glover. Right now, we're considering Pap, which was suggested by dad because that's what Arnold Palmer called his grandfather. I heard that one of my parents' friend's grandchildren calls him "Apple," which I think is the cutest thing I've ever heard. Maybe we'll come up with something creative like that when she learns how to talk in a few months (she's a prodigy, after all).

Anyway, that's life around here. More to come. We're lucky to have this little cutie home with us.