Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Late Night

Yes, I know it's only 9:50 pm, but to me, that is LATE. We go to bed around here at about 8, and generally that means Harp's asleep by 8:45 and I'm falling asleep with my glasses on and a book on my face around 9:15. But not tonight. First, I got an email from my mom asking when I was going to update the blog, which means that at least one person reads my blog, so I felt kind of obligated-slash-flattered. Second, and more to the point, Harper just went to sleep. And she only went to sleep because I put her in her crib and just let her fuss. That is not generally how we do things around here, as I like her sleepy time to be 100% positive, which I think helps us put her down in the evenings, and especially when she gets up in the middle of the night. But tonight, for whatever reason, she was not having it. I fed her, literally, for an hour and a half. We read some books (Roald Dahl, The Witches, and Anne of Green Gables... Still... This book is taking me forever... She doesn't understand yet, so it's not too advanced for her). We snuggled. And about four times, she fell asleep in my arms, but when I moved or put her in her crib, she woke up and gave me this huge smile. Anyway, she's down for the count now, and thank goodness, because I am quite literally out of food for her, and she already ate about 150% the size of her stomach. Her cheeks are getting enormous. They are so big that they get in the way when she tries to turn her head too far, and she often uses them as pillows. I don't think they measure up to my own cheeks back in the day, but she is still very young. The student may overtake the master.

Anyway, it has been a relatively non-eventful week. Other than tonight and last night (when she woke up 3 times and for good at about 6:45 this morning--argh), she is an amazing genius baby. She's also in the 97th percentile for height and weight for preemies her age. This is not entirely unexpected, because seriously, have you seen me and Eric? It was extremely unlikely in any case that the Harpster was going to be a ballerina or gymnast.

Have done nothing to the house, other than get that shelf put up in the attic, and Eric moved his books onto it. He also moved his drafting table up into his dormer office space, which clears out a ton of room in the main space of the attic. As soon as our fiscal recouperation period ends (like in 40 years) we'll get some nice new furniture for up there. Actually, I'm kind of considering it right now. We spend pretty much all of our time up there anyway--such a convenient space, especially with the baby. Doesn't make any sense for comfy furniture to be downstairs and ratty stuff to be up there. We would get new/new-to-us furniture for up there, not switch... Hum. We'll see. Porch furniture will have to come first.

Anyway, I don't have any pictures of the front of the house sans fence and with our new freaking gigantic Boston Ferns. They're amazing, these ferns. They actually provide shade, and are roughly the size of the big Tom Turkey that we saw up north a few weeks ago. HUGE. I had never seen a big turkey like that before with his feathers all crazy. However, I do have pictures of Harper, who is pretty much the cutest baby in the world. I'm pretty biased, but I legitimately think, putting my objective/terribly judgmental hat on, that she is an extremely attractive baby. Maybe we should enter a contest