Thursday, February 28, 2008

March? Really?

Because it's still FREEZING here, and snowing and nasty and I am READY FOR WINTER TO BE OVER!

Yes, capital letters are the equivalent of screaming, but if I was standing next to you saying these very words, I would have totally screamed that. Went out for a sandwich at lunch and didn't change into my boots--I just wore my little flats seeing as the place is across the street--and I though my feet were going to fall off at the ankles, it was so cold. This is also probably an indication that my pants are a little too short. Please. Don't remind me. I only feign being fashion-aware anyway.

Anyway, wouldn't it be great if we could walk outside without a heavy winter jacket, hat, boots, mittens, etc. into a green environment, full of happy and warm pups who are frolicking around? Ugh, I can't wait. We are going back to Indiana for L & B's wedding at the end of March, and I am hoping that spring will have already sprung in my fair city, and we'll be able to spend a little time outside.

Last week, the Gov. released all non-essential state employees (that includes me, though I have to say that I'm a little hurt) early because of a snow storm. I was on the news! They caught me as I was leaving, and against my better judgment, I gave them a comment--I later regretted this, both because this was Fox News, who takes every opportunity it gets to say that public employees are wastes of space, and because I looked a mess. I said something bland and probably stupid sounding, but they ended up using it for the power of good. I'm FAMOUS!

We're driving back to Indy with Joey and Jayson in Eric's VW Golf, which will either totally solidify my 10+ year friendship with these boys, or destroy it entirely. I'm thinking it will be the former, as we all adore each other and have the same taste in music. I'm thinking we'll listen to a lot of Tori Amos! (I said that purely for Eric's benefit, on the off chance that he will actually read the blog that bears his name... He hates Tori Amos). But that's what you get for driving 15 hours with a girl who came of age in the late 90s and two gay guys.

In other news, things are going well here. Eric and I have started a new exercise program, which I won't go into detail about just in case we flake out on it, but as of right now, we're committed and we're SO sore. I can't raise my arms over my head, and Eric can't even sit down. We sound like a couple 80 year olds when we move, and the other morning, we both were struggling to sit up in bed after the alarm went off and we ended up head-butting each other. Ahhh, romance.

Eric has taken me grocery shopping twice in the last month with the car!!! It sounds kind of sad that this makes me excited, but it SO does. Trust me when I tell you that walking everywhere is not all it's cracked up to be. Try carrying a bag full of marinara sauce home 6 blocks and you'll see what I mean. It's fraught with peril, you end up with numb fingers, you ultimately end up drowning in plastic bags because they double bag EVERYTHING (plastic bags are not biodegradable!!! They will be here long after you and me are gone--20% of landfills are filled with plastic bags!!! This is my new mission--carry a cloth, reusable bag!), and people on the street in Boston aren't nice anywhere. They're especially not nice when you take up more than your share of the sidewalk. So, anyway, using the car for grocery trips has enabled us to pick up all the staples, and we've been eating very healthy lately, too. Hooray!

My friend Ann is going to have a baby any day now, so I'm eagerly anticipating that announcement. I saw my friend Kristen's little boy James the other day when we went out for lunch, and WOW, what a cute kid. I've known him since he was but a fetus, and he's a pretty darling little boy. He was wearing little khakis and an argyle sweater... Sigh.

Okay, must run. Not literally--I can't move my legs.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentimes!

I know it's Valentine's Day, but have you ever seen 30 Rock? The Valentine's episode last year featured Rachel Dratcz as a Russian hooker, and I think the only thing she said was, "Happy Valentime's!" I can't explain it that well, but it was hilarious.

I am recouperating nicely after my procedure yesterday, particularly since learning that a root canal is 80% covered by my insurance. PHEW! Because I thought I was going to be out a whole heck of a lot of money, and we're saving for a house. I hate insurance pretty much all the time, except when I need it. And then I love it.

Root canal itself was pretty unpleasant, though it didn't hurt--I was EXTREMELY numb. Like, couldn't feel the right side of my face from my eyebrow to my chin. So went I went to pick up my prescription, I smiled and couldn't move one side of my face. I figure, she's a pharmacist--she must see much freakier-looking people than me every day. Anyway, it involved a dental dam, which I like a lot more than just keeping my mouth open on my own accord. I have to go back in a couple weeks to finish it up, and then back to the dentist to fix the stuff he messed up. Sigh. But no more pain, so I'm willing.

Eric, lovely man that he is, sent me some great flowers at work. I sent him a plant at his work, which he likes, and I sponsored a pup at Best Friends for him. I like this simple V-Day stuff. We just had leftovers and we're going to watch Lost a little later on. Sounds good to me! We're SO romantic.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Had a Bad Day

And how...

So, for the last couple days, I've been dealing with a bit of a toothache. It comes and it goes and I thought it was either due to a cavity or to my braces, which are still shuffling my teeth around, despite my almost being done with them. I woke up this morning, took a sip of coffee, and I swear, I almost went through the roof it hurt so badly.

Called the dentist, who thankfully took me in this morning, and he thought at first that it was just a little sensitivity--he put some flouride on a couple teeth, which does help. But then he took an x-ray when I asked if he was sure that the kind of aching I was feeling would just be due to some sensitivity. And guess what he found? Yes. It's a nerve problem.

Result: I'm getting a root canal tomorrow.

And I'm NOT happy about this. I've invested a crapload of money into my teeth, keeping them clean, making them straight, and I tell you, it feels like a betrayal, like my own mouth is turning on me.

It will be nice, I suppose, to get rid of the pain, which is considerable. I thought several times today that if I could just pull the stupid tooth out, that would be really awesome. But I didn't, of course. So my plan of action is to avoid all hot and cold foods for the next 16 hours or so, and to spend some good q-time on the couch with a bag of frozen peas on my face.

Wish me luck.


Monday, February 11, 2008


Quick update, because I've got crap to do... I got a promotion!

I am the new Associate Director of Fiscal and Administrative Policy of the Board/Department of Higher Education. Pretty much exactly the same day as I was informed of the promotion, we got word that the reorganization bill proposed by the Governor was passed. But all the same, I was very pleased. The title and $$ are lovely, of course, but mostly I was pleased because this showed that my bosses, Pat and Sue, whom I admire immensely, think I'm capable. That means more than anything else.

I also got a new desk. This was unrelated to the promotion, but a nice extra surprise. It's HUGE. It's awesome because I have lots of room to do my work and spread out. But it also means that I have more square footage to accumulate the bits of pieces of paper on which I tend to write really important notes to myself, and then, inevitably, lose. Whereas before, it was just a matter of looking around a little, it's now like finding a needle in a haystack. You might think that I would re-evaluate my organizational techniques, but I am an old dog--new tricks are not my bag.

Speaking of doggie tricks, this is totally going to be me in 30 years: