Monday, February 11, 2008


Quick update, because I've got crap to do... I got a promotion!

I am the new Associate Director of Fiscal and Administrative Policy of the Board/Department of Higher Education. Pretty much exactly the same day as I was informed of the promotion, we got word that the reorganization bill proposed by the Governor was passed. But all the same, I was very pleased. The title and $$ are lovely, of course, but mostly I was pleased because this showed that my bosses, Pat and Sue, whom I admire immensely, think I'm capable. That means more than anything else.

I also got a new desk. This was unrelated to the promotion, but a nice extra surprise. It's HUGE. It's awesome because I have lots of room to do my work and spread out. But it also means that I have more square footage to accumulate the bits of pieces of paper on which I tend to write really important notes to myself, and then, inevitably, lose. Whereas before, it was just a matter of looking around a little, it's now like finding a needle in a haystack. You might think that I would re-evaluate my organizational techniques, but I am an old dog--new tricks are not my bag.

Speaking of doggie tricks, this is totally going to be me in 30 years: 


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Joyce said...

Haley - I, too, use little pieces of paper (and I'm a much older dog than you!!) - several years ago, I graduated to using post-it, which at least stick to the desk - making it a little harder to lose them completely. Congratulations on your promotion!