Thursday, January 31, 2008

Morning of Dog

So, on my way to work this morning I saw about 50 dogs. At one point, four of them converged upon each other at a corner and had a sniff fest. I also saw an old golden retriever carrying her ball in her mouth as she walked, which I love.

When I tell this kind of story to my mom, usually when I'm walking home from work and describing every dog I see, she'll say, dripping with exasperation, "Jeeeez Haley! You're obsessed!" I like to think that she's smiling when she says this and that she's really impressed that I'm such an animal lover.

Sittin' here chomping on a Big Salad. Put on my loosest pants this morning, and they weren't so loose. How I didn't foresee this result after several weeks of eating everything in sight and not going to the gym is another issue, but in any case, I'm back on track and going for a run tonight. Even though I won't like it. Feh. Why can't I be one of those women with a naturally fast metabolism who brags to her friends that she just can't keep weight on... But then I'd have to hate myself.

In other news, things are holding steady at mediocre, professionally-speaking. But who knows what's going to happen in a couple months? Jeez, even tomorrow! So, I'm just going to keep my head down and stop freaking myself out about everything. Because, quite honestly, I don't have a drop of strategy or calculation in me, and no matter how many times I hash things out or fret or whatever, it's not going to change the outcome. So, Hakuna Matata. Boston might as well be the jungle.

Ate a delicious dinner last night at Cuchi Cuchi with my girlfriends, which was awesome. I had a Raspberry Beret to drink, which had muddled raspberries, mango puree, and multiple varieties of alcohol. It was pretty fantastic. I got home and went to hug Eric, and he was like "PHEW! What did you eat??!!!" I suppose I had some garlic, blue cheese, brie, chimmichuri sauce, and mushroom risotto. I suppose I see his point... :)

Must run. Cheers!


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