Monday, November 2, 2009


I was talking with my dad this afternoon, and he was totally right when he said that so much of our work on this house has been stuff you can't see--plumbing, electrical, etc. etc. Carpet is something I can see. I love it. Looks SO GOOD!!!

Here's the baby's room, painted and carpeted. 

Man Cave! With a cameo by the Pix. She, too, is very excited about the new carpet, and is much less scared of entering either of these rooms now that they're not subfloor. 

Eric is excited about getting a new tv, one larger than the 19-incher we have right now. He's out looking, just looking, right now. Tried to sell me on a 50-inch tv that was a "great deal" earlier today. Ummm, no. But it's fun to tease him. 

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We're making some major progress. Very pleased. 

1) I finished painting the nursery today. It looks really nice. We chose a light green paint and off-white for the trim. Eric did a great job with the trim. 
2) Dings in the walls that occurred while we were refinishing the attic are all filled and waiting to be painted. 
3) Things are as clean as they've ever been on the 3rd floor. 

All because...


As I mentioned earlier, we had some people in for estimates last weekend. Against our better judgement, and that of countless of our anonymous friends on the internet, we asked Empire Carpet to come over. Estimates for both bedrooms, the nursery, both sets of back stairs and the attic ranged from $5-7K. WHAT??? Yeah, so we didn't go with them. We found some great wool carpet on sale and some frieze (friz-zay???) and we're not doing the big bedrooms for a while, so we ended up in a place where we not only got what we wanted, but will not be in the poorhouse. Pleased. 

I'll be posting more pictures tomorrow. I can't wait. 

In other news, property taxes came last week, and thankfully, are more than 60% less that what we paid last May. Thank goodness. THey're still too high, but it appears that Marion County is on the right track. The legislature has put tax caps into action, making sure that residential properties are taxed at 1% of assessed value. Now, this is a good thing--our current bill, which represents a phasing in of this plan, is at 1.5% of the assessment. But this will only work if assessments stay reasonable. While our assessment went down by $140K from last year to this, what's to say it's not going to go up again? I'm not sure how the treasurer can justify increasing assessments when, duh, we're in a recession and values have plummeted, but I'm sure that they will find a way. 

Baby is doing well. Getting big (I am too) and practicing for a career in the martial arts. S/he is kicking HARD right now, and as I sit here with my laptop on what is left of my lap, my stomach is literally moving. I can see it move from the outside. I love it when this happens at 7:30 in the evening. Not so much at 4:00 in the morning, which has been happening lately. Apparently, all of this stuff is supposed to prepare us for when the baby actually gets here. Yikes. As of Friday, I officially enter the 3rd trimester. Yikes again!

Had chicken and dumplings for dinner. Delicious.

Back tomorrow with carpety awesomeness.