Monday, November 2, 2009


I was talking with my dad this afternoon, and he was totally right when he said that so much of our work on this house has been stuff you can't see--plumbing, electrical, etc. etc. Carpet is something I can see. I love it. Looks SO GOOD!!!

Here's the baby's room, painted and carpeted. 

Man Cave! With a cameo by the Pix. She, too, is very excited about the new carpet, and is much less scared of entering either of these rooms now that they're not subfloor. 

Eric is excited about getting a new tv, one larger than the 19-incher we have right now. He's out looking, just looking, right now. Tried to sell me on a 50-inch tv that was a "great deal" earlier today. Ummm, no. But it's fun to tease him. 

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