Monday, September 24, 2007

Up to Nothin'

All is well here. It's stunning to me that it's almost October. A part of me feels like I didn't do a darn thing this month, but I guess I have been rather busy. Or worrying about how busy I'm going to get in just a little while--that's more like it. I have got a crazy fall coming up. And I'll tell you, if I could just wear my courderoys and sweaters, I'd be much happier about it. But for right now, I am stuck in summer clothes because it's hot here.

I've also been worrying about Global Warming and its consequences, but I digress...

September 5: I entered the final year of my third decade of life. Yes. I am 29. It wasn't hard. 24 was the hardest for me, mainly because I was in a phase where I felt my self-worth tied directly to my accomplishments and how much faster I'd accomplished them relative to my peers. Meaning, having finished both a BA and a masters by the time I was 23 was kind of a big deal. Completing both by the age of 24--no big deal... Anyway, I'm over that. Eric took me out to dinner and bought me a new pair of running shoes. My girls and boys took me out for dancing at my FAVORITE dancing place on this planet. It was a raucous night, definitely. One of those nights where the cab let me out on the wrong block, I didn't notice, and then I got really confused--"where the heck am I?" sort of thing. Anyway, "Heroes," our favorite night at Axis, is awesome. They play all my favorite music, and it's kind of gay night, so there are no idiot undergraduates spilling beer on you. I love it.

The running shoes: I've been running. And surprisingly, it's going well.
Normally, I sort of operate under the tenet of "Don't run if you're not being chased. Or unless you're chasing some sort of food." But I'm really liking this whole running for pleasure. It's not really pleasure, though, especially when I look at myself in the mirror afterwards and ask myself if my face could get any redder without exploding (answer usually no). But one day, I think I will find myself just pleasantly exerted after running 4-5 miles, and I won't be a tomato-face.

My friend Ashlee and I are doing the Tufts 10-K in a couple weeks. Should be
interesting. Last year, we mostly walked, except for a short stint during which pictures for the event were taken. So somewhere on the internet, and I'm not telling you where, are pictures of me running, my hair sticking straight out for my head, a pained look on my face, clutching a messenger bag. I had suspicions before this, but I am now convinced that I look better when I'm not in motion.

We went to the beach down at Eric's Aunt Linda's house in Duxbury. It was awesome. Not too hot and Ashlee brought some really good popcorn from Indiana, which made me a little homesick. I'm not big on the whole ocean thing, though. There are sharks in there, and whales and jellyfish and eels and a ton of other things with teeth. Plus, salt water makes my legs itch. But we had a great time anyway, and went to dinner afterwards at the Franklin Cafe in the South End--AWESOME. Eric devoured a big plate of ribs in about 2.5 seconds, and even ate the slaw that accompanied them. And you all know that his big rule is "No slaw is good slaw."

Biggest news of all... My BOOK is finally going to print! I am waiting right now for the final mock up to come for my approval, and then it will be off to the printers in Indiana for a release sometime in November. Now, you're not going to be able to buy this at Barnes and Noble or anything, but I do think there's some info in there that could help out Roscommon and other small towns. They're available for pre-sale at $6 each. Tell your friends!

No joke, I am really proud of this accomplishment, and feel like this is the start of my REAL career--not just a job I'm doing to gain experience for later. I'm meant to write, I'm meant to help people, and I'm meant to use my brain in a real, productive way. This book really solidifies for me that I'm moving in the right direction. Plus, anything I can do to help the wonderful people of Scottsburg, Indiana... I'm down with that. I love it there. If you're ever on 65 south on your way down south, STOP in Scottsburg and go into town. Lovely lovely.

I should get back to what I was doing. Until next time...