Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tired and covered in paint

I  could use another day or two of weekend. This one was short. Got a lot done, though... I'm way too tired to be witty. Need sleepy...

Here's what I found when I got home from the conference:

Saturday morning, we got up early and went to the dogpark, which I think will be our normal routine. Mainly because it tires the pups out enough so that we can actually get stuff done during the rest of the day. Plus, they like it. They played nice, but Pix got slobbered on by pretty much every dog there. 

Later on Saturday, we went over to the west side of Indy, aka no-man's land (seriously, it's like it's a whole different city over there...) and bought a car. It's a Toyota Yaris, and I like it pretty well. I'd better--it's mine for the next 5 years!

Yesterday, I finished up priming the fence, thank goodness. And today I started painting it. Eric finished the insurance-required railing and I painted that, too. I also pulled about 300 staples out of our back door, filled said staple holes, sanded, and painted it. Good times. Stupid door--we could built a new one in about 10 minutes--seriously, just a bunch of 2x4s nailed precariously together. But we're trying to be a little green here--instead of building new, we're trying to renovate. 

Today, I also went to Lowes and picked up some materials to make screens, and I tried to get someone to help me pick out some ground cover for our front yard which, during bad rains, runs out onto the sidewalk. So I'm looking for something that is durable, will spread fast, has maximum ground-strength-building capacity, and looks pretty. Did Lowes have anyone who knew their head from their ass? Of course not. 
Then drove up and bought a bed for the guest room. And then stopped at my cousins Sue and Joe's place up on the northside, where they gave me some nice lighting that they don't like. I think it's pretty cool stuff, actually--very excited to put it up. 

Eric and his cousin Matt went and toured the new Colts stadium today, thanks to tickets from our neighbors who couldn't go. While they were glad to see the new stadium, they are die-hard Pats fans. They were under specific orders to not wear anything with Patriots on it, lest they get tossed off the bleachers or embarrass our neighbors, the season ticket holders. They acquiesced, but wore Pats t-shirts underneath their button downs. SIGH. Boys are so weird. 

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