Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Am the Lone Mantis of the Apocolypse...

Space Ghost? Anyone?

We're in the midst of a Cicada breeding festival. Brood XIV, of the 17-year variety. And boy, are they making a racket! I remember sitting on my aunt's porch a long time ago, at the height of my obsession with Space Ghost, and asking her what that sound was. She said "Locusts." And I said, "Like the Lone Locust of the Apocolypse"? And she said, "No, Haley. Not the apocolypse."

See below:

I share this because I went out to do some painting this evening and these cicadas are so creepy. They're leaving their shells all over my fence. I'm not scared of bugs or anything, but coming across a crazy-looking huge thing that looks like a bug hanging out on your fence while you're painting is just a bit off-putting. Invariably, these things are just shells. But what if, when I go to brush it away, it flies up into my face? Apparently, they both bite and pee. And they have red eyes. Freaky.

Anyway, I stayed outside in spite of the noise and the exoskeletons, mainly because I had my Pod on and was listening to some good tunes (see the sidebar for a new feature...), and because I was almost done with a can of paint and didn't feel like sealing it back up. I failed in using it all because it got dark. At this point, I do believe it's mainly the paint that is holding the fence together.

Looking forward to the long weekend, when we will hopefully have time to really get some work done. Tops on my list is the trim. And the yard! Holy cow, it's strange, but we are losing some serious leaves. I wasn't expecting to have to rake in August. Tonight I swept the stairs and the sidewalk in front of the house. But it doesn't look any better because I just swept the leaves into the grass on the other side of the sidewalk. Trash... I'm ashamed of myself.

We're thinking about getting a composting barrel this weekend. Though I suppose that would make more sense if we had a garden. And if we didn't have two dogs who insist upon eating everything that's not nailed down. So far, Pixie has destroyed about 8 rawhide bones, a coaster, a coupon for Lowes (the one coupon I'd actually use... She plucked it out of a pile), and her stuffed monkey.

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