Friday, August 8, 2008

Mosquito Food

They love me. Apparently, I have the best blood in town, because all the skeeters in our yard brought their friends tonight and they had an all you can eat buffet on my ankles. 

We made some progress on the House today, all in a quite passive way.

Our contractor FINALLY, after about 2 months of bugging, took away our old fridge, which was sitting in the dining room and was really the major deterrent from us ge
tting much work done in there (or at least that's what I like to tell myself... it couldn't possibly be the huge pile of naily trim sitting on the floor...). The picture to the right may look to the unsuspecting viewer like a trashed out room, but to us, it's a fresh start, free of nasty old refrigerators. Anyway, he also took away the old water heater and all the old gross cabinets. Hooray!
  • I finally scrubbed down the upstairs hallway, which looks now slightly less crappy than it did.
  • I moved our lovely porch furniture around outside, and swept the porch, stairs and sidewalk, so it looks just a little less derelict. I also washed the front windows and swept down the cobwebs. 
  • Doing laundry as we speak. 
  • I swiffered tonight for the first time in three days. Picked up enough hair to make a new dog. 
Tomorrow, we're finishing the back steps, putting up a railing on the front steps, and priming several rooms. 

Here's the status on a couple rooms I've been griping about. Kitchen has both appliances hooked up, which is fantastic. And some of my books are on the bookshelves in my office. Happy. 

Also, GOOD NEWS! Eric got a job! He's been looking for a little while, and the market out here isn't great for architects, but he found a super position out east of Indy doing stuff he's interested in, and I couldn't be happier. He starts in mid-August. Go Big Sweetie!

Speaking of sweeties, our doggies are being very good tonight. Yogi is laying in his favorite corner, but shot me the stink eye when I tried to take his picture and threatened to go upstairs to the bathroom (where he likes to sleep... he's a weird dog). Pixie is laying in the fireplace with Smitty the Gargoyle and our elephant. Here's a picture. Too cute. And our fireplace actually looks good in this picture. Trust me, it doesn't in real life. 

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