Sunday, August 24, 2008

Much Accomplished...

This is not a George-Bush-in-a-jumpsuit moment, but I will say tentatively that we made some EXCELLENT progress today. 

This morning, we got up early and I took Yogi up to Petsmart groomers to get a haircut. He looks GREAT! And he was such a champ when they were cutting his hair--did not wig out in the slightest till he got a blow dry. He's feeling very confident and pretty tonight, and is thus being a little bit insufferable with the pets and belly scratches. Ah well. I don't mind so much now that he doesn't stink!

Yogi's  time at the salon gave me time to go to the grocery store. We had a meal with vegetables in it tonight, so I count that portion of my day a success. 

We discovered the source of the mystery smell. It was,
 indeed, the disgusting carpet in the back stairs. So Eric ripped up that carpet and then discovered that it was pretty much the carpet that was holding some of the stairs together. So he removed probably 6 treads and will get those put back together solid in a while. We never use those stairs anyway. 

I spent, ohhh, 7 hours or so outside messing 
around with the trim. I finished up with the nail removal for all of the upstairs trim (roughly 1/8 of the total trim we
 ultimately have to finish and put back up...). I filled, sanded 3 times, and primed the painted trim, and I used a refinishing solution on the stained trim. It didn't take care of the divots I took before the nippers came into the picture, but it sure restored the luster of the wood. It feels like I got a lot done, but looking at this picture, it doesn't look like it.

Eric is doing some planning for the guest bath tile project. Last count is 934  3x4 subway tiles... Goodness. 

And now we're relaxing and I am seriously considering bed, even though it's still light out. I am upset with Eric for not going out and getting me some fruity drinks, but I suppose it's just as well that I don't have them, lest I pass out from tiredness, sugar, and malt-beverage-headache. 

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