Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mystery Smell

So, dogs smell. Pixie is generally okay smelling as she gets a bath every time she comes home from the dog park. Yogi is a whole different story, as he has layers of hair that haven't seen the light of day since he was a youngster. But this smell is different. I can't put my finger on it, but there is a smell in my kitchen, and it's driving me crazy. It's localized by the back stairs, which have disgusting carpet on them. Eric can't smell it. Maybe it's me???

Got just a little bit of work done over the last couple days. Eric started work on Monday, and has been putting in long days, plus a commute, so he's not getting home till 6:30 or 7:00, and I've been giving the pups long walks after work because they're cooped up in the house all day. So we just haven't had time or the inclination to work. That said, I did get a little stir crazy tonight, and did a couple things.
  • Vacuumed back stairs with "pet fresh" carpet powder. Now it just smells flowery.
  • Vacuumed my office, moved the bookshelves, and put my desk and a chair in there. I'm washing a rug to put on the floor to cover up even more disgusting carpet. 
  • Started the huge task of getting crap out of the guest bedroom. 
  • Broke down some of the boxes that have been sitting in my office
  • Swiffered. Dog hair. EVERYWHERE. 
  • Waxed the woodwork around the big window and stairs, though only as high as I can reach. 
  • Drank two Wild Grape Smirnoff Ices. 
Last night, our contractor, who shall remain unnamed, came over and replaced our kitchen window. Here's the back story:

Contractor convinced us to buy two new windows for the kitchen, which he was offering for what sounded like a good price. We were also sort of forced to replace the old windows because the contractor's doofus workers pretty much destroyed them in passing roughly 3 tons of plaster, lathe, and blown-in insulation through them to the back yard. Anyway, we were fine with this, as our old windows were OLD, single pane, and somewhat warped. However, when Eric came back for a visit in June, he discovered that indeed the new windows had been installed, but that they had been installed in the base of the old windows, which were about a foot longer. Ummm, yes. The new windows came up to his eyebrows. So he forced the contractor to move the windows up to a more reasonable height. In doing so, a doofus (and none of them will admit to it) cracked a pane of glass in the new window. Thinking he was doing something good, contractor removed that pane and nailed a piece of plywood over the hole. 

7 weeks later... We are at the end of our short term home insurance policy, and cannot get covered through our new insurer unless we have actual glass in the window. I tell the contractor this 3 weeks ago, 2 weeks ago, last week, and then daily for the past 4 or 5 days. He finally shows up last night, tells me what a crappy day he had (boo hoo, cry me a river, jerkface...) and puts a pane of glass in the window. It took 10 minutes. BUT! It's the original glass, with the crack in it! He informed me that the new glass would be here in 7 to 10 business days, and that even though it costs $75, he'll take care of it...

Hell YES! he will take care of it. Uf, I am so over this guy. He's decent for stuff that doesn't matter, but I will never ask him to do something important again. 

This is weird--I'm looking across the room and the curtains, and they're hanging backwards (seams are on the inside). I did notice yesterday that Eric got some paint on one of the panels while he was painting the other day. Perhaps this is a bid to make me not notice the paint. Ha. I have eagle eyes. 

Speaking of paint, we've got the Melted Butter up
 on the walls of the living room, and I really like it alot. We'll do one more coat this weekend, and then be done with it. I have picked a color called something-Opal for the rest of the foyer and upstairs hallway. It's a nice extra-extra light yellow. We've got some major spackling to do before we even think about that. 

Ugh, maybe the smell IS the dogs. One of them just tooted, and PEE-YEW!

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