Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sleepless in Indiana...

And not in a romantic soul-mate, country-crossing, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan sort of way either.

I'm on no sleep. NO sleep! Like Jerry Seinfeld when he's sleeping in Kramer's apartment and the Kenny Roger's Chicken place neon sign is blinking in his window... Sigh.

Yes, Pixie is a real handful. She's currently sleeping right next to me, and has been since, ohhh, 7:30 this morning. Why she chooses to fall asleep at 7:30 a.m. and not at 11:30 at night is yet to be determined. But regardless, it is a real pain in my butt to be wakened no fewer than 10 times a night by:
  • a thumping tail
  • a panty mouth
  • a crazed licking of the fingers of the hand you've let escape off the side of the bed
  • toxic doggie farts
  • whines that mean "I'm gonna pee NOW, so you'd better hurry up, mom!, though you know I'm still going to poop in the attic tomorrow morning after you let me out..."
Anyway, despite all these things, we do love our pups. Took them to the vet yesterday after we discovered that the Yogmeister couldn't go to the groomer without a rabies booster--apparently his last vaccination was in 2004. Pix also needed several boosters herself. Pixie is the picture of good health, and was a big hit at the vet's office. Yogi was also exclaimed and cooed over, but we discovered (DUH) that he has gingivitis. We got a finger toothbrush and some poultry flavored toothpaste for him, and he appears to like it. Poultry flavored breath, however, is only slightly less repulsive than normal Yogi breath.

After the vet, we took them over to Broadripple Park, which is beautiful and huge and full of gigantic native trees, where we walked and hung out in the shade, and I got bitten no fewer than 10 times by mosquitos. I have pictures of this idyllic afternoon, but it turns out that we don't have a spare camera cord to replace the one Pixie ate. Perhaps I will make a trip up to Target this afternoon.

In House news, I was a very busy girl yesterday. I finished priming and painting my bookshelves, which I will move upstairs to my office this afternoon. This will be great, as that room is currently home to all of my books, which are all in boxes. This makes me crazy. I know deep in my soul that the reason I'm feeling so out of sorts lately is not because my books are in boxes, or because all my kitchen stuff is still packed, or whatever. It's because we have SO much to do with this house, but don't have the time or resources to do it with right now. Yet, I've settled upon my books in boxes as a source of stress lately, so I'm excited to get them unpacked. I am loathe, however, to start putting furniture in that room. Our carpet is GROSS (though could probably be helped by a good steam cleaning, and I don't know why we haven't done that yet). Ah well.

Breaking news: I just killed two flies. It was spectacular. One was a normal-sized fly that I got in just one swipe. The other, however, must've been like the Queen fly of all time. HUGE. And buzzy. So I went over there and just started banging in its general vicinity with a rolled up magazine. And I got it, except I didn't kill it--I maimed it. Normally, I'm totally a humanitarian and I wish no pain or ill-will on any living creature. But this time, I was just a little happy to see the fly on the floor, spinning around all crazy-like, buzzing frantically. Several well-placed thumps with the magazine ended that fly's time on this planet. And I celebrated. Yes, I am Haley. Lord of the Flies.

Where was I??? Ah yes. Bookshelves are painted. I also painted the trim in the halfbath downstairs yesterday, and touched up the door, which appears to be new. This is what I don't understand about this house. There are new doors, fixtures (though they're all the cheap gold doorknobs etc that are the worst match EVER for the period of the house), new paint (though definitely a "baby poop" sort of color), and all of that. But if you look closely, you see that each of the new doors has a flaw, that the doors were painted AFTER the doorknobs were installed, that the paint jobs suck... I'm not a home improvement genius, okay, but I'd like to meet the former owners/renovators of this house and just kick them in the butt. This house is a total gem, but they were about a month away from totally wrecking it. I guess we can be thankful that the gods of foreclosure lowered the boom before they got too far along.

Today, I'm going to repaint the kitchen door (as soon as Eric shopvacs it), and we're going to prime the master bath, back stairwell, and a portion of the hallway. We're also going to start working on the stupid trim. Here's the story there: we have LOTS of trim. Everything that could be trimmed out in this house is, and most of it is awesome (except the chair rail that is currently functioning as a crown molding in our living room... and it's white). And each piece of trim was attached to the wall with roughly 150 nails per 3 feet section. Exaggeration, yes, but you get my point. We have to bang out each nail individually on about, no joke, 400 linear feet of trim.

I may also run up to Bed Bath and Beyond and finally get the curtains for the big window in the living room. We've got dark drapes up right now, which were great for hiding stuff while we were still living in Boston, but keep things rather cave-like in here. I put up some nice sheers in the foyer and door windows, and they look great. Will probably just get some matching ones in here, and that should lighten things up considerable. We also have a transom window, and I think we'll hang our "Matson" sign there, until we can find/afford a stained glass insert.

Pretty psyched about getting things painted in here. We're currently rocking a brownish shade in here, which doesn't look bad, but doesn't add any sort of ambiance. The only issue is that in the foyer, when we commit to a color, we have to REALLY commit, because the color is continuous all the way up the stairs (20+ foot high wall in the stairway) and into the upstairs hall. How we're going to paint that high, I have no idea... That sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

We also have to get the damn toilets installed in the second floor bathrooms! Eric has to take out a couple pieces of tile in the master bath in order to shore up the toilet, which was apparently not sealed to the ground. I'm not really wedded to that tile. In fact, I kind of hate it, but it's really too nice to just tear out. And we spent so much time cleaning it that we'll have to be careful with it. Crap.

Okay, this has become stream of consciousness, and I need another cup of coffee. Like, 12 cups of coffee...

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