Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No pictures tonight...

Because Pixie ate the camera cord. I accidentally left it on the couch, and in the 10 minutes time it took for Eric to drop me off at work and get home, she completely severed the cord in two. Her teeth are like little razors. We think we have another cord somewhere, but it's in the guestroom, which at this point is the whole room equivalent of a junk drawer. That's this weekend's project. Along with getting Yogi groomed, because not only is he hot and panty all the time (BAD BREATH!), he's just plain hairy. I said we should get him buzzed, but Eric's leaning towards just a nice trim. I say, with any boy haircut, you're going to look weird for a week or so till it grows out. In the meantime, Yogi will be cooler and we'll be dealing with less hair. 

Speaking of haircuts, Eric finally got one. It was getting to be VERY big. His hair doesn't really lay down at all. It stands up straight out all over his head. So when it gets long, it just makes his head look like Frankenstein. But he's looking very handsome, if Calamine-y, over there on the loveseat right now. Unfortunately, he has not yet shaved, so the niceness on the top of his head is negated by the Grizzly Adams thing he's got going on all over his face. I swear, I told him one time that I thought he looked handsome with just a little scruff, and boy, did he take me seriously. 

Tonight, I finished painting my office, and we scrubbed the floor of the master bathroom, which was also victim to the idiot drywallers' decision to not use a dropcloth. Thankfully, plaster is a lot easier to get up off of slate than it is to get off 100+ year old wood. The floor is still pretty yuck, but much better than it was. It takes about 15 passes with the mop to get it fully clean after the scrubbing is done. Down the road, we're going to seal it with some "wet-look" stuff, which makes the colors in the slate come out much more dramatically, and will hopefully make the dust and dirt not burrow down into the crevices of the tile, like it does now. 

Supposed to get some big storms tonight, which should be interesting. We'll see how the kids react to their first big thunderstorm. Gah, I hope they're cool with it. I'm so tired. 

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