Monday, July 28, 2008

Eric vs. The Great Outdoors

My poor little Eric. He has discovered the three leaves of poison ivy in the backyard, and apparently, wiped them all over his arms, part of his leg, and his cheek. This is the SECOND time he's done something like this. The first time was worse, and I'm not going to tell you how much worse. 

Anyway, he's been itching like a doggie with fleas, and thankfully, we packed the Calamine lotion. Here are his arms tonight.

Meanwhile, I've become dinner for every skeeter in Marion County. Case in point, I got bit three times on my left wrist and once on my calf just while we were out walking the dogs. Speaking of whom, we've got Pix up here on the couch with us, because she's so little--we lose her very easily in this big house. She's a riot to watch fall asleep, because she can't control her face. She nods her head and her eyes droop. Her hair also gets messed up really easy, so when she wakes up from her naps, she definitely rocks the bedhead for a while. Yogi, on the other hand, is just right size for our house. He's so big. He did the lean-in this afternoon and almost knocked me off my chair. He also discovered the joy of hunting squirrels this afternoon during his walk. And I think this is really funny (because I walk with Pixie)--Yogi likes to poop early in his walk, which means Eric has to bag it and walk with it for a while until we find a garbage can. Ha! It's so undignified. I just try not to walk downwind. 

House news: Fridge is FINALLY in the kitchen! And it looks great (though it's deeper than what we had originally thought, so it's not going to fit where we want to put it in our final kitchen design... of course). The old fridge is in the dining room still, but our contractor is coming to take it away tomorrow. The stove is also in the kitchen, but we can't use it yet because it takes a 4-prong outlet and of course, we don't have one. CRAP! There's a line down in the basement, and we could run that up, but we're having an electric guy come tomorrow. He'll be able to do it in about 15 minutes, where it would take us four hours and we'd probably burn the house down. 

Also painted my office tonight, same shade of green as the half bath. The pups tried to join me a couple times. 
Paws + green paint = Disaster 
It's vibrant, for sure, but I figure once I get my bookshelves painted white (they're red right now), and all my books unpacked, it'll look great, I think. Gah, I hope. I'm tired of painting. And we only have about 80% of the house to go... 

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