Monday, July 14, 2008


Seriously, I'm still excited about the move, but next time, we will hire people to move all our crap for us. We're both beaten and bruised, dirty, and dog tired. Thankfully, though, we found a nice hotel room in Rochester, and a nice soft bed never felt so good. 

I don't have much energy to be witty, but I wanted to share a couple photos from the last couple days. These aren't terribly interesting. I will be back later with more as events unfold. 

Our cute little overpriced apartment, post-move. I never noticed those weird spots on the wall till now. Good thing. 

On the left: Eric's shirt, post-move. Yes, it rained, but no, that is not rain on his shirt. 

On the right: Eric's shirts, pre-move. This man could clothe a hundred people with his button-down collection. 

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