Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Haley vs. Washer/Dryer

It's not an adversarial relationship. YET. We're about halfway through a load of towels, and nothing has gone wrong. YET. I don't trust this thing as far as I can throw it. 

It's a lovely night, following a very lovely day. It was cool and sunny outside, and just wonderful. Of course, I was working, so I only got to enjoy it for a couple minutes when I joined a colleague for lunch. Eric and I went for a walk around the neighborhood when we got home, after he put the smackdown on LOTS of pizza. Poor guy--he was hungry. He had a busy day today. He finished up the kitchen (yes, three coats of paint--tomorrow he's going to move in the fridge and stove), another coat on the dining room, and he also moved a bunch of stuff upstairs. Yea for Eric. 

We're just chilling out with a movie tonight. Good times. 

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