Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Paint. Everywhere.

Seriously, I feel like I'm drowning in paint. I dream it. I'm sure I've eaten it.  I find it on odd places of my body where there should never, ever be paint. 

Disclaimer--Eric and I went out for a "Haley-starts-work-tomorrow" dinner at a great place called Deano's Vino down in Fountain Square (Indy-sters, check it out), and I had a couple glasses of wine. Sigh...

Anyway, back to the paint. That has truly dominated our lives the last couple days. We're probably ahead of ourselves with all this painting--there are a TON of other, MUCH MUCH more important things that we could be doing with our time and limited resources. But I think both of us feel that by having a color of our choosing on the wall, we're making this place our home. Neither of us are feeling that yet. I'm not, anyway. I still feel like I'm on vacation (the worst vacation of my life...). Hence, paint. Just as soon as Eric puts a THIRD coat on the kitchen, we'll be able to move the fridge out of the foyer, as well as the oven. That will go a long way in freeing up some space, as well as getting rid of the ridiculous situation of having your fridge and oven in the foyer. 

Here's what we've done so far: 

Downstairs halfbath--All walls are done. We just need to sand and repaint the trim... Speaking of which, the glossy white enamel for said trim had an unfortunate accident this afternoon on the front porch, when I was using it to paint a tall cabinet we liberated from upstairs. Let's just say that half a quart of glossy white enamel goes a long way in making a mess on a concrete porch. I managed to scoop most of it up with the paintbrush, and then scrubbed like crazy on the rest. The result: that spot on the porch looks better than the rest of the porch. Go figure. 

Kitchen/transitional space between kitchen and halfbath: Like I said, Eric's putting another coat on, which I don't think is necessary, but it will eat him up inside till he does it. Eric and I are very different people. He's what I like to call "anal retentive" about stuff like painting, cleaning, and lots of other stuff, while I am what I like to call "laid back." This may or may not translate into "attentive to detail" and "sloppy", but I digress... I'm very pleased with this color. It's wicked bright, but looks lovely in the morning light (east-facing window), and it's going to look fantastic with our black appliances and dark trim. Hooray!

Dining room: I'm still on the fence about this one. Obviously, this picture was taken late in the day, after many hours of grueling labor on my part (which explains the grossness I'm displaying here). I'm much hotter than this, normally. Anyway, the color is darker than what I'm accustomed to, and is very VERY orange. However, I think once we get another coat on, and we get all of the trim that is currently on the floor of the dining room up on the walls, I'll feel better about it. 

So, in other news, I start work tomorrow. I'm very excited about it, but very much missing my pals at the Mass DHE--I surely hope that the people I'll start working with tomorrow are even half as lovely and professional as the ones I left in Boston (sob). Seriously, I cried like crazy when I left, embarrassing not only myself, but everyone else in the office. I walked home the back way from work, even, so I wouldn't run into anyone until my face de-puffed. 

Going to watch some episodes of 30 Rock right now. I'm hoping that tonight is less eventful than last night--we had a thunderstorm to end all thunderstorms. In all my life, I have never EVER seen lightning like that. Wild. 

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Jayson said...

I like your bold color choices. I'm happy that we could be an inspiration to you! haha.

We miss you guys already! You sure you don't want to move back to Boston?