Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mom and Dad, I'd like to introduce your grandchildren...

We have puppies!!!!!!

This morning, Eric mentioned going up to PetSmart to check out the adoption drive. I didn't think we'd get a dog, let alone two. But we did! I'd like to introduce:

Yogi! Yogi is a Bernese Mt. Dog mix, and he's excellent on a leash. He's a bit shy, and hates cameras. He's got a lot of fur. He's a special guy--5 years old, and he's been shuttled around a bit. His family gave him up just last week, so we're sure he's missing them. He'll be right as rain just as soon as he figures out how much we love him already. 

Pixie! Pixie's original name was Sunny, but Sunny has a special place my heart. Pixie is just as good. She is a Border Collie mix, and is not so good on a leash, but she has the sweetest little face, and is very rambunctious. She's four months old. She's sleeping on Eric's feet right now. 

Very exciting day for the Glover-Matsons... All four of us!

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Anonymous said...

congrats! They're adorable.