Thursday, April 16, 2009

What the HECK???

Eric had several contractors in today to talk about some tuckpointing for the corners of the house. One left a quote. 

Are you ready?

$1,500. What the HELL!!??

To me, tuckpointing is just putting some bricks into existing places in the foundation walls/corners where they have fallen out. I feel like, if given the appropriate materials: cement, bricks, and, say, 4 glasses of wine, I could do this myself. 

DIYers, let me know. Is there any reason why I should pay some dude two months of mortgage for this?? If we do it ourselves, will we knock the house down?

In other news, I got home at 8:30 tonight. From work. It was quite a day. I gave a rousing presentation at College Cooperative Southeast, quite possibly the nicest group of people ever assembled in one room, and very receptive to our message. I met the woman who wrote the Rocky movies, as she was there to give a talk--that was a nice bonus. I had to leave before her talk, though. Saw some old friends from Scottsburg, too. All in all, an excellent morning. Then I had meetings all afternoon till 6:00, and then went back to the office to follow up. I'm feeling like a very responsible employee. I do love my job. This sort of stuff, while it makes me tired, makes me happy too. 

We had Subway for dinner. Bad Haley!!! But seriously, it was that or cereal, because I was NOT cooking tonight. 

This weekend, we have absolutely nothing on the agenda and it's supposed to be lovely outside. I'm hoping to get some work done on the front lawn, which is flowered, but still derelict. 

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