Sunday, April 26, 2009

I feel like I have been painting forever...

So, next time we decide to paint the foyer (and we will--this is color #3), we will not start at 6:00 on Sunday evening. I just finished, and I'm beat and dirty and need to go to bed. 

I will get around to the painting story.

We spent the vast majority of yesterday doing a neighborhood clean-up, which entailed picking up trash in the allies (gross!), shoveling all the debris that gathered along the gutters in the streets, planting, sweeping, etc. It was also a beautiful day, so we got a little sun--it got up to about 85 both yesterday and today. We spent both evenings in the company of our delightful neighbors, Scott, Scott, Tom, Ed, Bob and Mark. They are hilarious and kind and we feel very lucky to have them just down the street. 

Yesterday, Pixie ate my phone. She's chewed on Eric's before, but it still worked, so we held off on getting new ones. But this little snack totally destroyed mine, so we went up and got new phones. I wouldn't let Eric get a touchscreen/internet phone. He pouted a little but got over it. 

We had a giftcard for Pottery Barn that we needed to use, so we went up there to look around. Pottery Barn has nice stuff, but it's SO expensive! I just can't justify spending $20 on a candle, no matter how good it smells. Anyway, we ended up finding two rugs that were being discontinued and were therefore about 70% off, plus the giftcard, so we got about $800 worth of rugs for less than $200. Sweet. 

However, the rug we picked out for the foyer didn't match the mauve walls, which I haven't been crazy about anyway, so we picked up some nice coffee-with-milk colored paint and went to town. Hence the late-night paint fest. It looks good, and I'm pleased. The funny thing is, though, the foyer has been three different colors, and what we put up on the walls today is pretty much exactly what was up when we bought the house. Nice. 

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Anonymous said...

Don't you love it when that happens??

Funny, Irvington had our clean-up on Saturday, too. Was it not the most perfect weather for it? I had a little too much sun, but it was worth it just to be outside and catching the breezes. Hope the H-M effort was a success!