Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So, I think the biggest news around here is that the bathroom, dare I say, is finished! Wahoo!!!

Here's the new foyer wall color, which is still awaiting a second coat of paint... grrrr...  Also, notice the new coatrack. This thing is at least 90 years old, and under a thick layer of grime, may be copper, or at least have a copper finish. I did some stripping and sanding up near the top, where that sheen is showing through. Pleased. 

These are the rugs that inspired the new paint color. The one on the right will look so good in the foyer! The orange one is going in the living room. 

In neighborhood news, our neighbor Mark painted his house a vibrant red. It's AMAZING! These are just his front pillars. It's changed the light in here, though, and isn't really working with the orange in the dining room. Which is fine, because the finish is wrong in there anyway. 

Finally, my aunt made copies of some old pictures. Here's my grandma and grandpa on their wedding day. I love this picture, and I love having it framed and in a prominent place, so I can see their faces every day. 

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