Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Despite the fact that I haven't updated lately, we've actually gotten quite a bit done around here. But first...

Work is going well. I'm working on a project that is getting mad press, which is nice, but unfortunately the press has, invariably, mischaracterized the project. I've been quoted in the paper, which is nice, but misquoted... Sigh. 

We spent a lovely long weekend up in Michigan with the fam. I REALLY enjoy going up north, and the puppies were very unhappy to leave, too. Pixie and her cousin Maddie bonded over a shared love of chasing things, and Yogi just loves to be outside, though we can't let him off his leash because he's a runner. We tied him to a tree on a long piece of rope and he was convinced that he couldn't move. Anyway, we had a good time till Saturday night, when my sister got violently ill. Thankfully, Eric and I have dodged that bullet, though I've spent the last 3 days feeling psychosomatically sick. Thanks, mom and dad, for a lovely weekend. 

In me-personal news, I have been CRAZY tired lately. I wasn't feeling well yesterday at work, came home and immediately lay down on the couch, slept for 2 hours, and then went to sleep at 9:00 and slept till 6:45. I must need it, but it's causing me a bit of concern. I've also been a bit of a space cadet lately. I'm looking forward to the weekend. Need to de-stress, as well. I've never been one to get really stressed out, but this week is pushing it. I carry it all in my shoulders, which I hunch up around my ears and don't realize it, and then wonder why my back hurts and why I'm lurching around like Frankenstein. 

Moving on... House news. In the last couple weeks, we've finished a couple semi-major projects, none of which actually improve the way my house LOOKS, but I suppose they were necessary. 

We encapsulated the crawl space. Now, the crawl space is a place in this house where I've never been and, truly, I never intend to go. Apparently, it was filled with old junk, like iron pipes, ductwork, and (CREEPY!) a mummified cat. So, the guys cleaned that out, sprayed a mold-inhibitor (didn't have mold, but it's nice to protect against it), and then laid what is essentially a really thick layer of plastic throughout the whole space. Now that that's done, we'll have to clean out the regular basement. Dad thinks it's got great potential as a man-cave, and my cousin has expressed that it might made a good wine cellar. I think it looks like something from Silence of the Lambs and I hate it. So we're going to clean it and paint it white, and while I will still not go down there, I will at least know that it's not spooky anymore. 

We had the electrician in. Phew! As I noted in an earlier post, Eric and cousin Matt are no longer allowed to do anything related to electricity, as they successfully installed a vanity light but, in doing so, removed the power source to the washing machine. So, the electrician fixed that, and took care of an issue with the attic air handler. As I understand it, the handler required 60 amps, but was hooked up to the panel with a 40 amp breaker, with 30 amp wire. What?? Anyway, that's fixed. 

We're having a guy in to look at doing some tuck pointing and chimney inspection tomorrow. Eric's got his little heart set on doing gas inserts for the fireplaces. I understand this, but kind of hope that we can do the projects we actually NEED before we worry about this. He also brought in a guy to look at window refurbishing today. In our historic neighborhood, we're basically not allowed to change the windows. Apparently, ours are in decent shape, and could be restored relatively easily. There are 7 windows we're targeting right now. Not sure if we'll be able to do that, given the price, but we'll have to do it at some point, and get storm windows. 

It's time for Lost... We'll be back with pictures of puppies and projects soon. 


bungalow_ bliss said...

I found the Eric-and-Matt-take-on-electricity story sounds like a sitcom episode.

I can't believe you have a mummified cat in your crawl space! Ew! Did you stumble upon it, or did the p.o.s tell you it was there?

(On a side note, why can I only put my blogger info here and not my wordpress url? I'm ready to take that site down completely, but I'm afraid I won't be able to post comments!)

Haley said...

It FEELS like a sitcom episode, which would be funny, except it's my life.

Thankfully, the guys doing the work down there came upon the cat, which may have been there for years. I never saw it, and I'm okay with that!

Changed the settings so you can post comments with your other url or however you want. I love your comments and I love your blog, fellow Indy rehabber!