Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Been a While

I'm not ignoring the blog, really. It's just been THAT busy lately, and for some reason, I am dog-tired all the time. Like, heading to bed at 9:00-reading for 10 minutes-falling asleep with my glasses on tired. I attribute this to daylight savings time. Yes, I know it happened several weeks ago, but I just can't get used to waking up before dawn, even if it is at 6:30, which is a pretty reasonable time.

Anyway, we're making progress. Eric cousin Matty is up for an extended visit, and while I'm sure large portions of their days are spent chatting incessantly about baseball, basketball, football or comic books (seriously, I listened to 25 minutes of NON-STOP chatter about the relative strengths and weaknesses of the characters in the next X-Men movie before I finally said, "OH MY GOD. Shut up!"), they are getting some work done.

Yesterday, they went up to Menards and bought some beadboard, and while they haven't put it up on the attic ceiling yet, they have cleaned up the attic (so necessary--it's disgusting up there), and installed some rafters, which will allow for enhanced venting in the peak of the cealing. It's going to look awesome.

In 2nd floor shower-related news, no, I have not experienced the joy of showering on the same floor as my bedroom yet. This is because even though the shower is functional and beautiful, we have neglected to purchase a curtain (there will ultimately be a door, but not for a while). Eric is supposed to get one when he's out and about today.

Outside... It's looking better. We raked up about 10 lawn bags full of leaves and branches in the front and back yard, and even out in the esplanade. It rained like crazy last night, so the backyard is still a mud pit, but eric has big plans in the next week or so to rent a roto-tiller and plant some grass. I'm staying out of it.

We're going to take down the white picket fence that surrounds our front yard. Strange... I spent DAYS painting that fence just last fall, and while it had seen better days, it was in decent shape. Well, something happened this winter, because that fence is DERELICT. It's rotting away before our eyes. So we're just going to take it down, find something to replace the pillars and stair-rail, and be done with it. Next summer, we'll do a retaining wall.

I'll post some pictures of various projects this evening.

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