Wednesday, March 11, 2009


No, the shower's not done yet. I am beginning to get discouraged.

The good news is that the only reason it's not done is because our plumber hasn't been able to come look at it, not because we had to rip down the newly tiled walls or anything like that.

In much-to-Haley's-chagrin-type news, Eric did indeed build a cabinet over the washer/dryer. It looks great. I just need to paint it. This bathroom has more trim in it than I would have imagined possible.

Entering the meeting-est 3 days of my life. Seriously--I've got them stacked. Tonight at IUPUI, tomorrow in Bloomington before 9:00. I may have something at 11:30 that I neglected to put on my calendar. Meeting at 4:00. Meeting at 6:00. Meeting AFTER the 6:00. Start up Friday at 7:45 till noon, then meeting at 1:00. Woohoo!

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bungalow_ bliss said...

Sounds like you'll have your fill by the weekend. Congrats on getting the cabinet done...when you're this busy, sometimes you just have to take what you can get. Here's hoping the plumber can clear his schedule asap!