Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Shower is Glorious

I've showered in it probably five times now, and it's lovely. LOVELY. We can't find the camera, though, so I have no pictures for you. You'll just have to take my word for it.

Now that we've finally finished the shower, you'd think we would have a finished bathroom. Well, OF COURSE NOT. Don't be silly. What we have now is a lovely shower and a disaster zone. Eric moved the vanity light location over about 8 inches since it was going to be off-center, so we had two holes. Filled the one up--that still has spackle in it that needs to be sanded and painted. The whole bathroom needs to be repainted because Eric, for whatever reason, scribbled little pencil measurement notes to himself all over the walls. The mirror needs to be rehung. We have shelves somewhere--I don't know where. Finally, we have to get down and SCRUB that floor. For being a brand new tile floor, it looks like crap. I got a beautiful black and white floral shower curtain the other day that I'm thinking will tie the room together nicely, but I can't put it up till we're finished painting. Maybe we'll finish by May.

On Sunday, we went up to the Depot to get a robe hook for the bathroom (not installed yet), and ended up in the garden center. We got a bunch of ground cover and phlox and even a couple rose bushes. I planted them all on Sunday afternoon, and even did a little landscaping with some bricks. It looks pretty good. We also got some hanging baskets and a hummingbird feeder--makes the porch look like new. I've been spending a lot of time out there lately, since it's been so nice outside.

I realize these posts are totally boring. We're going to do a massive search for the camera tonight.

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bungalow_ bliss said...

Not boring at all--though I am dying to see the finished product! I just assumed you've been in the shower for the last week. I'm surprised you've come out this soon! :-)