Friday, September 12, 2008

Holy crap

This was in my house!

Pixie, who enjoys chasing unsavory creatures like cicadas and moths (which I hate even more than cicadas, if that's possible), chased this in the house. I freaked, and Eric came running into the kitchen, thinking something was very wrong. I was cowering in the corner, uttering little shrieks, unsure as to what I was going to do if it landed on me. 

Then it left the kitchen, and I envisioned a sleepless night--because there's no way I'm sleeping when that might be in my bed. 

We discovered it sitting on a plastic bag in the butler's pantry. Eric, my big strong husband, smashed it into a hundred pieces with a broom. 

Crisis averted. 

Also, this little fella was hanging out right below our mailbox all afternoon. Mantises are probably my favorite insect, mainly because of Zorak.

 Having never encountered one in real life, though, I kept my distance and used the zoom. We also have a gigantic spider who lives in our window frame (outside). One got inside yesterday. Because they're beneficial insects, I tried to brush it outside, whilst attempting not to touch it or anger it. It went the wrong way, and Eric stepped on him. RIP spider. 

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