Tuesday, September 16, 2008


You thought I was joking about spilling candle wax all over the carpet the other day, didn't you? Oh no, I wasn't. It was one in a series of unfortunate spills, trips, drops, shatters, etc. Eric, Mr. Doom and Gloom, said that it was ruined. I said, of course it's not. But secretly, on the inside, I was fretting and thought that there was probably a 90% chance that would I spent hours on my hands and knees picking at the wax, and ultimately still end up with a rug with wax on it.

BUT! Did you know that there's a trick to getting wax out of carpet?
-Put an old towel down over the wax.
-Put your iron on steam
-Run iron over towel

Seriously, the wax comes right up on the towel. It's amazing and fantastic, and I can't wait till Eric gets home so I can prance around and show him the waxless carpet.

What makes this even more amazing is that I dropped the iron the other day, too, and a good hunk of it fell off. I was worried that it might not work, or worse, that it might electrocute me. Being very brave/stupid, I plugged it in anyway, and all is well. Luck is on my side.

Another trick?
-When your dog is extra smelly, and you don't have time/money for a bath/groom, spray him or her with Febreeze.

I sprayed both of mine this evening, and while I'm sure there's some rule against it somewhere, they are MUCH more pleasant to cuddle.

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