Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Power is back on.

Last night, I went to Target to pick up a battery-powered lantern, and I ran into another weary looking Hoosier in the camping section. "Your power's out too?" I asked. She said, "Yes. And I heard it's going to be till Saturday till it comes back."

At this point, I believe I gasped, and then maybe threw up. Because GOOD LORD, I live in a modern city for a reason. If I wanted to be without power, well, I'd live somewhere else. Anyway, I kept my fingers crossed that maybe the power would be on when I got home, making my purchase of a lantern unnecessary, but desireable, given my fear of a bird flu epidemic, zombie invasion, etc. etc. (quite honestly, if I gave in to all my irrational fears, my home would be covered in plastic and duct tape and I would wear a gas mask every day. Seriously.)

Power wasn't on when I returned, so we lit some candles and put a new Irish music cd that a co-worker burned for me on Eric's computer, and sat there in the semi-dark, listening to fiddles and watching Pixie and Yogi play. It was actually kind of an idyllic night.

We went to bed around 8:30. I planned on driving to work in my pajamas and just showering and getting ready here at the office gym. But that became unnecessary as the power came on at 4:40 this morning! Wonderful. I love electricity.


! said...

dude, my mom's meijer store was the only one on a backup generator and thus, with power, in all of oh/ky. good times.
irish fiddles? i'm the leprechaun (mike meyers with flashlight)

NV said...

SO happy for you! We went without power for a week in 2006 after the storms (during most of which were 90- and 100-degree days). It sucks. A lot.

Not-So-Average Joe said...

we had power in boston. just sayin'.