Friday, February 2, 2007


Where the heck did the last month go? Let's see--between 7-day work weeks, extra-large coffees, and an unspeakable amount of candy, I honestly have no idea.

In any case, it's February and we're one month closer to the big event. I am getting so excited--I ALMOST want to just skip ahead and be there now. Except I have to get to the gym to work off the unspeakable amounts of candy... Okay, I'll settle for living in the here and now.

Purpose of this blog... Invitations are HERE! I am thrilled thrilled thrilled. We're working on getting them assembled, and they should be in the mail by the middle of the month. So keep your eyes out for it, and please, email me if you have any questions about accomodations or travel plans or anything.

Further evidence that we never take a good picture...

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