Friday, February 9, 2007

More Hotel News

I've been doing a little recon on the internet re: hotels, and some decent deals have come to my attention. While they're outside of walking distance from downtown and the Jurys, they look decent, are near public transport, and most importantly, do not cost an arm and a leg.

I found the following on Expedia:

Holiday Inn - Somerville. Somerville is pretty much the same as Cambridge, and is across the river from Boston. This particular place has a free shuttle from the airport, and operates a scheduled shuttle into and out of town. $142 ave. per night.

Sheraton - Newton. This hotel is kind of weird, because it straddles the Mass Pike. It's definitely a landmark. West of town, it takes about 5 minutes via cab, or 20 minutes via public transportation to get into downtown. $139 ave. per night.

Holiday Inn - Airport. I think this is located about a miles from the airport, so it's like that it's near transportation, and perhaps a $15 cab ride into town. $166 ave. per night.

Howard Johnson - Fenway. I live less than a half mile from Fenway, which is a pretty nice part of town. It's definitely within walking distance from everything. However, on a game day, it becomes intolerable. Red Sox fans are insane. I will check the schedule. $175 ave. per night.

Hampton Inn - Airport. This hotel has a shuttle to both the airport and town, and is close to a T-stop. $170 ave. per night.

Here's an option for you. If you'd like, I will make reservations for you--give me a call and we can work on it together, or send me an email and I'll get in touch with you. :)
Had additional meetings with the Governor last night and this morning. I'm pretty lucky, actually, because my policy areas are those that are receiving a lot of attention. Last night's went GREAT. This morning's??? Umm, I got a little big for my britches. But overall, I'm pleased with the way things are going. I've developed a little "crush" on the Governor. There is something that is just so cool about the way he's approaching his job. Like last night, we were talking about housing initiatives. And he brought up homelessness, and he said, "I don't want to help homelessness. I want to END homelessness." And then he proceeded to totally dig into the investment strategy that my agencies were proposing, and made it better. I'll tell ya--this is the kind of leadership that all levels of government need: big goals, logical thinking, innovative solutions... It's good stuff, and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be kind of excited about my job again...

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