Thursday, May 21, 2009


Tomorrow is our one-year anniversary of owning our house. This blows my mind. We didn't move in till July, but effectively, as of one year ago, our thoughts, marriage, and basically our entire lives became consumed with the house and all of its aspects--being broke all the time, living in squalor, worrying about when we're going to have a kitchen, finally getting over the fact that our dishwasher is in a box in the dining room... It's all good. We're pretty happy here. 

To put things in perspective, here's what we've done in the last 12 months:
  • Removed approximately 250 linear feet of trim (which is still on the floor)
  • Removed nails from 250 linear feet of trim
  • Ripped plaster lathe and insulation from two rooms 
  • Insulated and drywalled two rooms
  • Scrubbed drywall off of floors in kitchen, living room, dining room, foyer and upstairs hallway after contractors didn't put down a dropcloth
  • Fixed 9 splits in copper piping
  • Got a new water heater
  • Removed tub, vanity and shower stall from guest and master bathrooms
  • Build the frame for new shower stalls in guest and master bathrooms
  • Painted the kitchen, dining room, living room, foyer (twice), hallway with 25 foot ceilings, master bath (twice), master bedroom (twice), guest bedroom, guest bathroom, third bedroom (twice), bookshelves, fence (now decrepit)
  • Tiled, trimmed guest bathroom, and made a new shower
  • Removed carpet and ceiling from the attic
  • Replaced the ceiling with awesome beadboard
  • Insulated the entire attic space
  • Built a fence around the backyard
  • Built a stoop, soon to be replaced by a real deck
  • Replaced the roof
  • Replaced all the rotten siding around the house
  • Painted the house
I'm forgetting stuff, too. This makes me feel very productive and good about myself. I should do this more often.

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Anonymous said...

What an accomplishment list over just a year's time! Congrats on your one-year anniversary in the can tell from the before-and-after shots that she is thankful for all you've done. Really, she's beaming--she *knows* she's lookin' good!

Hope you're taking the night off. You've earned it!