Saturday, May 9, 2009

Optimus Prime

That's right--I was, truly, a machine this morning, as I primed the foundation in preparation for a coat of nice brick red paint. While the tuck pointing was a rousing success, we discovered that the foundation uses several different kinds of bricks, as we went around inspecting. So we're just painting the brick to match the chimney and I think it'll look great. The primer has to set for 24 hours, so we'll put the color on tomorrow. I can't wait--this really looks like crap right now. 

In the back, we're having mixed success in growing our grass. I seeded the hell out of the bald spots this morning. Keep your fingers crossed for us. I also primed our rain barrel. 

Meanwhile, Eric is making real progress on the attic ceiling. See the before and after. 

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Anonymous said...

Eric looks so proud of his work--as he should be! I love beadboard ceilings!