Sunday, May 3, 2009

I feel like we were productive this weekend, but I cannot remember a single project that we started OR finished. Yet, I'm tired. We must have done something.

Seeing as I can't remember yesterday, I just asked Eric. He reminded me that he went to a historic window refinishing seminar, and is now convinced that he can fix all of our crap-ass 100 year old windows, and perhaps reduce our ridiculous heating bills in the winter. This is quite a change--last week, he was convinced that we needed to contract this project, and got an estimate for $12,000 to refinish 13 windows. Ummm, no. That was not going to happen. However, I'm still not sure I want him to do this project either, because if he screws up, that's a $800+ mistake. It's not like we can go without a window... Despite evidence surrounding us to the contrary. Our across the street neighbor's house is reaching new heights of decrepitness, what with the plywood windows, sheets hanging askew as curtains, etc. They actually live there, though apparently on only the first floor. It confuses me, but they're not social, so I've never had a chance to get acquainted and ask mildly inappropriate questions.

We also went to a Derby party, held by an old friend who lives down the road. Lovely time. I had my first Mint Julep. I enjoy mint, sugar, AND bourbon, but together, they are disgusting. I added 7-up and had a delightful 7&7 instead.

Today, we spent some time planning out the landscaping in the front and backyard. I am more concerned about the front yard, as it is the worst looking of the two. Eric is more concerned about the backyard, as it offers the most opportunity for destruction and cost per square foot. He pursues the cheap projects with little to no enthusiasm, and the expensive ones with gusto. Anyway, we've got a working plan for the backyard, and no idea what to do about the front. The front yard is tough. We're up from the road about 5 feet, and we don't have a retaining wall. So, right now our yard is being held in to a large extent by the disgusting and rotting white picket fence, which is the only white picket fence in the entire neighborhood. Anyway, I want to remove this fence and just see what happens, and Eric wants to keep it in place till we can replace it with something. We are at an impasse. Thus, no plan for the front yard. We are agreed, however, that the copious evergreen hedges in the yard will be reduced and replaced with something with flowers.

When we got home, we took the puppies for a walk, and ran into a half dozen of our wonderful neighbors. Our neighbors make the relative squalor in which we live worth it.

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