Friday, March 2, 2007

Got My Life Back

The budget came out on Wednesday, and after sitting through a four-hour hearing yesterday that made me even more convinced that we should re-write the Constitution to remove the legislature completely from government, we are FINISHED. Thank goodness. We basically condensed about 8 weeks of work into 4, and in addition, put the whole thing online with a bunch of extra information. So, if you're interested in looking at it, it's at I'll tell ya, it's FASCINATING.

This hearing... I can't get over it. Not only was it, as I mentioned before, FOUR HOURS, it was about 90 degrees in the hearing room, which was last refurbished in 1966 with chairs that weren't all that comfortable even back then. Then we got lectured by people who's sole mission in state government is to get the Merry-go-Round in Holyoke included in the budget, because, you know, people across the state will definitely go to Holyoke to ride on the merry-go-round, and it'll be a big boost to the local economy... Bridge to Nowhere, indeed. Uf. It's frustrating. But it's over. And with that, I will move on to things that are more interesting and fun for me. Like our wedding.

I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the positive responses we've been receiving. I can't believe how many people are coming from out of town! I was never expecting that, and it really makes me so happy that all of these great people will be there with us.

Eric and I picked out our bands last weekend, which was a lot of fun. If you know Eric at all, he's definitely not the jewelry wearing type. He didn't even have an earring in the mid-90s. Oddly enough, he picked out a pretty blingy band. I suppose next will be the thick gold chain with a dubloon on it or something...

Next on my agenda is shoes. Now, I have to admit that my tastes have gotten considerably more sophisticated since my move to Boston (it's a crying shame that my bank account hasn't followed suit). It's tempting looking at all of these glorious pairs of shoes and thinking, "Oh, you only get married once, go ahead and buy those $400 shoes. Think of all the places you'll wear them." Thankfully, my practical side knows that with $400, I could do a whole heck of a lot of cool stuff AND get a good pair of shoes, and that clearly, I would wear a pair of $400 shoes exactly once because I would be too paranoid that I'd wreck them. So, I'm on the hunt. Last weekend was what shall be known as the Undergarment Incident of 2007. Seriously. I won't go into details, but let's just say that squeezing myself into nude-colored spandex implements of torture did not make for the best Saturday afternoon of my life.

But I look fabulous in my dress. Which is nice.


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