Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My Face Hurts

Because the braces are installed. And they are accompanied by the headaches, sore mouth, and spit overproduction that are their calling cards. It's awesome to be re-entering adolescence at the age of 28.

Actually, aside from the tender face, they're quite awesome. You can't see them, they only marginally affect the way that I talk (my Ses are now sibilate... Yeth... Yeth, they are...), and I can take them out when the urge to do so strikes me.

So, on to business. I know you're breathlessly awaiting news on the shoe hunt.

Friday, I left work early (and still worked 50 hours that week, if that gives you any indication of how much we've been working), and headed over to the mall for some retail therapy. I bought two pairs of shoes. The first was a relatively simple pair of sandals, and the second was a major high-heel, gold, glitz, etc investment. I loved them. I took them both home, and tried them on with the dress, and.... they were both too high. My entire foot stuck out the bottom of my dress, and made me look like a sasquatch in satin.

So, I took them back and found a cute, comfortable, and extremely practical pair of flats. I am happy.


What I wanted vs. What I got

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