Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Shower's Still Not Finished, Or "Haley Hates the Tile Shop"

So, yeah. The shower still isn't finished. I looked longingly at it as I passed to trudge up the 3rd floor stairs to a serviceable, but not cool, working shower. It makes me crazy.

Because we're being frugal (both on purpose and by nature) we ordered only as much tile as we needed. We were either about 6 tiles short, or the shop ran out--I let Eric handle the negotiations with the tile guy, as they were mixing business with football talk, and I just can't deal with that crap. We've now been waiting for a week for 6 white ceramic bullnose tile to arrive. Suckkkkkkkk.

In other news, it has been cold as hell here, and I am just about fed up with winter. I'm not outside nearly as much as I was in Boston, what with the traipsing around town back and forth to work every day. But it seems to me that this winter has been especially hard. Maybe it's because I'm a miser with the gas bill, and we keep the house at 57 degrees. That's what the thermostat is set to, anyway--I think it's calibrated wrong. It CAN'T be 57 degrees in my house, right? Anyway, we recently got on the year-round gas bill thing, and boy, has it been a godsend. Yes, it would be nice to not have a payment at all in the summertime when the gas is off entirely, but an extra couple hundred dollars in the winter months is both nice and necessary. What a racket, though... Eric was talking about doing a woodstove. Which I would love, but I'm kind of nervous about. We're going to have the chimney cleaned and inspected next week, so that will at least let us know if we're providing a nesting spot for any squirrels, and will, I suppose, clarify the feasibility of a woodstove.

This is one of those years where I can't wait to do our taxes. We're poised to get a rather massive refund, what with the move, mortgage, student loan interest, and stimulus plans. This may be the spring of the kitchen! I sure hope so. I've been doing some research (ie, looking at pictures) online and even though when I'm in the store looking at cabinets, I'm drawn to the darker wood, when I'm looking at WHOLE kitchens, I'm really into white cabinets. HOWEVER, we have massive black appliances, which would probably look lame with white cabinets. Mom and Dad, maybe you guys could plan to come down here when we're doing this. I'm going to need some guidance from people who have a sense of style. I have no confidence in my taste anymore. Eric is still good, but he is prone to choosing anything and everything that is Mission-style, which is great, but might not be the perfect fit for this house. Too many decisions.

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