Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big Snow


Last night, we got about 11 inches of snow. In Roscommon, this would be just another day. In Indianapolis, it means CHAOS. All schools are closed, people stayed home from work, etc. However, all of the idiots are out on the roads. I include myself in this, as I just tried to go to work at about 12:30, thinking that since the snow stopped about 4 hours ago, certainly there's been time to plow. Um, no. I tried 4 different routes to work, then gave up and came home. Nearly got stuck in a snowbank, going south on the wrong side of the road on my street, as the south side of the street hadn't even been touched yet. Ridiculous. 

And it's quite likely that I will run out of gas tomorrow, as my light has been blinking since last night and I definitely used a lot today as I gunned it to get out of the snowbank. Sigh. 

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