Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some More Pictures

Eric has been hassling me for ages, asking me to put some of the better pictures up. It's a long story, but that I haven't yet all comes down to the fact that the better pictures were on his computer, not mine, and that I emptied the camera. Anyway, I have a holiday today, and Eric is at work, so I'm on his computer. Ha... He hates it when I use his computer. (Evil laugh... I'm going to spill water on it...). Actually, one time I DID spill water on Eric's old Dell--it was when we were first dating, so I think he was afraid to get too angry with me. I felt terrible, but it worked just fine after we dried it out. I guess there is precedent, then, for him to not want me touching his e-baby. 

Okay, here we go!

This is, essentially, why we bought the house. We LOVE this staircase. I washed it down when we were there, and it's so beautiful. 

This is Eric's Man-Cave, though it's less a cave and more a finished attic space. Right now, we're having some issues with there not being proper ventilation on the 3rd floor, so it's wicked hot up there. But we will fix that problem, and Eric can put up sports pictures and team pennants to his heart's content. He's looking to buy a large sectional sofa. So long as it's not black leather or something equally tacky, I'm fine with that. 

Ahhh, the master bedroom! Yes, that's a fireplace! It doesn't work yet, but I'm okay with that. 

This is the dining room, pre-destruction. You can just barely see the damage on the ceiling--that extended all the way down the wall on the right side. YUCK! But as you can also see, this room has that awesome dish-rail that goes all the way around. We tore all that off, but saved it. We'll put it back up as soon as we have walls. 

This is the living room. We're going to replace the tile in the fireplace, which is hardly even attached right now. I'm thinking something antiquey-looking and green. Eric will, at some point, construct some built-in bookshelves and an area for a tv under the windows. 

Oh yes, another view of the stairwell. This is the other reason we bought the house. That window is original, and is about 8 feet tall. The only bad thing about it is that it looks at the house next door. But even so, we love it. 

Some of the detail--half wall separating the foyer and living room. 

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