Thursday, June 19, 2008

Home Alone

I am. Eric's in Indy. Tonight, I got home semi-late from work (had to go to the Cape today), so I had a little dinner, watched High School Musical, and now it's 9:30, and I'm contemplating hitting the sack. I'm such a live wire, I know...

Here are some videos for your viewing pleasure. In keeping with my theme of "Cute Animals" these feature both puppies and kitties. Though you all know I love the puppies more. Bless you if you have the time to watch all four--you will be rewarded with cuteness beyond your wildest dreams.

This is how I feel during meetings that some crazy person always schedules for me at 3:30 in the afternoon...


So sweet, this might give you diabetes. 

Cat vs. Puppy Posse

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