Monday, June 2, 2008

Some more house pictures

Yes, yes. I admit willingly and enthusiastically that I've spent the last two hours watching videos of dogs on airplanes, eating lemon sorbet and doing a face mask. What of it?

But I also talked to my sister, who requested more pictures. Here they are.

Eric having some fun/starting some trouble in the kitchen. This was in the midst of all the destruction when I thought, just for a second, that we had made a terrible, terrible mistake...

Another picture of our little buddy Spike. Look at that sweetie face!

Eh, another view of the kitchen, this one without the appealing exposed brick. As you can see, the kitchen needs a wicked big amount of work. We took down several cabinets that were above this little "peninsula," which were mounted on this crazy huge bulkhead that was totally ugly and poorly plastered to boot. That bulkhead wrapped the whole way around the kitchen, and made no sense. We just decided to start over and just re-drywall the whole thing. It will be better this way. Worst kitchen design EVER. 

Looking into our lovely foyer from the living room. I LOVE those half walls, and the windows are so great. We're planning on staining the floors a dark dark brown and then getting them super shiny. How great will that look??? I'm also planning on removing the chair rail that our predecessors mistook for crown molding, and then painting the walls yellow. 

This is what is left of our master bathroom. Formerly, it had a shower stall that was so weird--had two benches, and about one square foot to stand. And it was too shallow. So we're going to build a walk-in here. We're also going to put a shower stall in the guest bath, which you can see if you look through the studs... In there, the toilet is in the bathtub, and once it's reinstalled, we'll remove the tub, put the stall in, and then hook up the washer/dryer in there, too. Will be good. We were considering putting the W/D in the hallway closet (there's a neat built-in there), or in the third bedroom/den (which will be my office). But then I decided I didn't want to do laundry in the hallway, and I didn't want to give up my office. So... easy decision. 

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Anonymous said...

Soooo cool!!! Once you get done with your house, you need to head north and help us with ours!!!