Wednesday, January 10, 2007

We Set a Date!

This has been so much easier than I anticipated. Everyone told me that trying to get a place lined up for a wedding here in Boston was next to impossible, but we got in at the first (and only) place we wanted, and even got our preferred date. Soooo....

MAY 5, 2007!
Jurys Hotel (corner of Berkeley and Columbus, Back Bay)
7:00 pm

The hotel is really great (see pictures!) , located right in the middle of everything. It used to be the Boston Police Headquarters, so the bar is called Cuffs, and our favorite drink is called the Misdemeanor Martini. It's so delicious, it's criminal.

The reason we chose it for the wedding is because it also houses our favorite "fancy-time" restaurant, the Stanhope Grille, which we've rented out for the reception. My mom and dad wisely no longer send me clothing for my birthday, but instead arrange for us to have a really nice dinner at a place we wouldn't normally be able to go on our own. I think this is the best kind of present--it gives us a chance to chill out for a little while, have a GREAT meal (really, I think you will love the food--last time we were there, Eric had Monkfish, which is apparently "the poor man's lobster." I think he liked it better than lobster, and he's a Boston boy, so he KNOWS lobster), and go on a real date. Anyway, it's become our special place here, and I'm so excited that we're able to have our wedding there and share it with you.

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