Wednesday, May 18, 2011


There's this 30 day music challenge making the rounds on Facebook. It intrigues me, because I think about music a lot, but I kind of hate Facebook. So, why not here? Also this might inspire me to do more houseblogging--there's actually a lot going on right now. None of it close to finished, but this is my life...

Day 1: My favorite song
Grace by Jeff Buckley. Hands down. Some boy my freshman year of college made me a mix tape and while the relationship went nowhere fast, this song was on it, and thus began a (to-date) 15 year love affair with a deceased troubadour. My poor Jeff--how I love him.

#2: My least favorite song. This one is stupid.

#3: A Song that Makes Me Happy
Why Can't I Be You by The Cure. Just the thought of Robert Smith rehearsing his dance moves for this video slays me. The Cure is so dramatic and self-absorbed--so 80s! I love it.

#4: A Song that Makes Me Sad
I Grieve by Peter Gabriel. Tremendous song, and reminds me of the (thankfully few) sad times in my life.

#5: A Song that Reminds You of Someone.
Too Shy by Limahl and Kajagoogoo. Reminds me of Ashlee, of course. We used to sing this song to each other as we worked on the Massachusetts state budget.

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NV said...

Ya know, you have AMAZING taste in music! ;-)

LOVE the Cure -- and that song in particular. (Toss up though whether this or Hot! Hot! Hot! is my fave.) And you're right, that video is hilarious! Have you seen the video to Lullaby? Check it out if not. Creeeeeeeppppppy.