Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eric of Mass Destruction

Yes, there is a lot of DEstruction and little CONstruction going on at #2021... Right now, in addition to the various electrical and plumbing quotes we're hearing, we are also doing some tuckpointing in the basement. This is necessary and we have been meaning to do it for a long time. A couple summers ago, we had the exterior foundation walls done, and that helped a lot, but given that our north neighbor has gutters, but those gutters are growing trees because they are so full of debris, we don't get a lot of water control on those days (apparently EVERY day, because it hasn't stopped raining since March) when it rains uncontrollably. So, interior tuckpointing. AND, as I've noted before, our basement entry has a door, but that door is at the bottom of a pit that does not have stairs. We're not surewhere the stairs went, but the walls around the pit were starting to cave, and without a cover forthe doorway, we inevitably had some leaking. With the purchase of a new furnace,it became ever more important to make sure that we're not messing around with leaks. So, here we are.

The Pit of Despair. Don't even think about trying to escape.

Our backyard. This is actually an improvement.

Meanwhile, work persists, albeit at a snail's pace, in the kitchen. The subfloor is nearly complete.

And, for a reason I don't yet fully understand, studs have been exposed. This wall will, ultimately, be opened. But yeah, not sure why now. The good thing? The orange paint is coming down. This color has haunted my dreams since it went up.

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