Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lots of pictures

Eric is learning to play the piano. Thus far, he has mastered such songs as "Hamster" and "Rain" on the five-finger C scale. He's considering quitting his job as an architect to focus on his music. 

Pomegranates are in season, and I am loving it. They are a beautiful, beautiful fruit, and I adore them. 

Some before and after shots:

This is the back of the house when we first bought it (left) and new and improved (right).

Front of the house when we bought it (left) and new and improved (left). 

My delightful and hard-working brother-in-law John, tolerating Eric's anal-retentive fence building directives. 

The family puppies (Pixie, left; Yogi, middle; and Maddie, right). Yes, Maddie really is that big. She has a Tyrannasaurus Rex head. 

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