Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night, or Haley Gets an Ulcer

Things are breaking my way. But the night's not over yet. And until it is, I will remain, hovering over my computer, and feeling my stomach eat away at itself. I don't know why I'm internalizing so much. 

Got up before dawn this morning and headed over to IPS #27 to vote. I've tried to vote several times. The first time, I got to the front of the line and was turned away because I didn't have an Indiana driver's license. So I went to the BMV to get a state-issued ID, was told that having a Michigan license while living in Indiana was illegal, so I took the driver's written test. FAILED. Nice. Went home, studied, took it again the next morning and passed. Next day, walked over to the City-County building mid-morning, and the line stretched out the door and around the block. Um, no. Went up to the northside on Sunday, and the line was at least 3 hours long. So I just figured I'd try my luck on election day. Well, I'm glad I did. It took me 5 minutes, in and out, and I was at work by 7:10. Sweet.

I felt GOOD voting today. This was really the first election where I didn't feel like I was picking Al Gore or John Kerry because they weren't George Bush. I voted FOR Obama. 

Obviously, I'm feeling kind of invested now, hence, the physical manifestations of stress, which really do include stomach aches, thumping heart, and heartburn (which may well be due to the crap I ate today, and not to the election--let's be fair. Pop Tarts and canned soup just aren't balanced). 

Because I don't want to mix business (house) and pleasure (or pain: election), I'm going to follow this up with a picture montage of the last few weeks' work. I think you will all be pleasantly surprised. I know I am--every time I pull up to the house!

Obama 08!